Medical misdeeds and missing parts

Dolce Dolce's Alice Farnsworth reviews a medical thriller. Here’s Alice:
Supply does not equal demand in the business of body parts for medical purposes in Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler. Even so, Dr. Lucas McCrae, in Hong Kong for a routine medical demonstration, hardly expects to lift the cloth off a cadaver's head and find the staring face of his childhood friend, Andy Baer.
Back in Seattle, McCrae, whose marriage is in free fall, teams up with a predictably beautiful cop to investigate Baer's disappearance.
This isn't really a whodunit because the perp is identified early in the story, but it is a bumpy ride as McCrae investigates murder and the illegal sale of body parts.
Author Allen Wyler has a true talent for plotting. All those who enjoy medical mysteries will probably enjoy Dead Ringer.