To thine own self, darlings!

Some women use honesty as a club, or they cloak nasty, hurtful remarks in sweet syrup to prevent anyone from calling them on their meanness. I don’t know who they think they are fooling, but what a poisonous way to live! Darlings, if someone tries to wound you with hurtful words, don’t try to analyze it; move away quickly. It is better than being drawn into a nasty, soul-dirtying scrap. If you have thin skin or are too quick to snap, work on seeing the humour in situations and yourself. You will be rewarded ten times over by the friends you make.

The need for so-called white lies disappears when you are compassionate and kind. Darlings, remember to thine own self be sweet. Take time to enjoy the woman you are today!
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Gracey Hitchcock
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