Karina Smirnoff – reprise

Karina Smirnoff
 DolceDolce has been lucky enough to chat with Karina Smirnoff the stunning brunette star of Dancing with the Stars. The show is more popular than ever and Karina has become a household name, so we thought our readers would to enjoy a reprise of this intimate look at the dancing star.
Born in Ukraine of a Russian mother and a Greek father, Karina studied many different artistic and athletic disciplines. She also obtained a degree from Fordham University
She is a five-time U.S. National champion ballroom dancer and holds numerous international titles as well
The striking beauty has been linked with several dashing men and even engaged, but at this time she is still single.
Katrina is devoted to fitness and healthy eating. She says she relies on her family’s recipes that use olive oil and lemons. She even plans on writing book about sharing her natural approach to beauty.
Here is what she told use:
DD: What is your normal fitness routine?
KS: When I am not working on the show, I like to go to the gym for a couple of hours. I do a little cardio and some light weights. I also do a lot of forward lunges because that is the most important thing for dancing.
DD: Does it change during Dancing with the Stars?
KS: When I am doing the show I don’t have to go the gym at all. We dance for 10 hours a day and that is enough. I just focus on trying to eat healthy. I don't like to eat anything heavy like beef or pork. I love sushi. Fish is the best.
DD: Do non-dancers underestimate the demands of ballroom dancing?
KS: None of the celebrities know what they are getting into when they agree to the show. They have no idea how difficult it will be. There are injuries; Marie Osmond fainted and Cristian de la Fuente hurt his arm.
DD: Do you have to help your co-stars get in shape for the dancing?
KS: Well you have to gauge what you do depending on their age and what shape they are in. Steve Guttenberg is 49, but he was in very good shape. But Shannon (Elizabeth) was not in shape and she was often out of breath. You would hear her breathing. It really depends on the person.
DD: Where did you study dance?
KS: I was born in the Ukraine. My mother is Russian. Then we moved to Moscow. I am an only child, actually the only child in the whole family. I have no cousins either, so everyone had an idea of what I should do. When I was five, I studied figure skating. My father wanted me to study ballet. I also studied the piano. And I also did gymnastics. It was not bad for me because I think I have a little ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). My teachers were very good. I think the best teachers don’t teach everyone the same way. They find the best approach for each student and they never stop until you get it.
DD: What is your beauty routine?
KS: Sleep. If I can get nine hours of sleep, I look and feel my best.
DD: Do you have any favorite products to pamper yourself with?
KS: I like products by Sonya Dakar. Her products are very light and not oily on your skin. You know that can be a problem with some good moisturizers. They get too heavy, but hers are very light.
DD: What beauty tricks have you learned from the show?
KS: I always watch the make-up artists and how they line our eyes. Then I practice at home.
DD: Do you have to diet?
KS: Not really, but if I feel I need to lose a few pounds, I hit the gym and watch what I eat.
DD: What has been the biggest surprise doing the show?
KS: How big it got. But I think that when celebrities show themselves as vulnerable and willing to take very harsh criticism, it is very real for people and they like it. It shows a very appealing side of celebrity. It is a great way for some to revive their career and to be seen. I also think people like it because it is a real family show. They like that they can watch it with their children.
Lately there has been more of an emphasis on having “couples” on the show. Edyta says that lately the show has been more like Dating with the Stars. And if you aren’t a couple, it’s as if you aren’t doing your job. And it is complicated because there is always chemistry in dancing. We have to create chemistry. You need to tell the story between a man and women and create the chemistry. And it’s flattering that we act so well that they always want to believe it. I think it will be better if we stay a family show.
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