Shakespeare and love

The Gentleman Poet: A Novel of Love, Danger, and Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Many people have speculated that the bard based his play The Tempest on a real shipwreck. Author Kathryn Johnson takes that hypothesis one step further by placing a thinly-disguised Will Shakespeare on a ship bound for Jamestown, Virginia with provisions and new colony members. When the vessel is wrecked and the passengers take shelter on an island, Will acts as a father figure for the young maidservant Elizabeth Persons.

Johnson bases her tale on the historically-true wreck of the 17th-century British ship, the Sea Venture, and tells it from Persons’s fictional perspective. In real life, an Elizabeth Persons was listed as a passenger on the Sea Venture’s manifest. It foundered during a hurricane, and it took the survivors a year to rebuild and re-supply her.
The result of Johnson’s labours is a historical romance that captures the period in great detail while paying homage to the bard.