Cyber Monday

Here at DolceDolce we are big fans of “Cyber Monday.” 

Retailers market the first Monday after American Thanksgiving as the unofficial start of the online Christmas shopping season. Online shopping saves time, money and energy. When you shop online you can compare and track prices for the best deal. This year many sites offer free shipping and other incentives.  

But you want to be safe online, too. Don DeBolt, Director of Threat Research at Internet security company, Total Defense offered DolceDolce readers six rules to help make online shopping during the holidays safer.
Six Cyber Monday security tips
1.       Shop from a secure computer.
2.       Shop from a secure network.
3.       Use mainstream established online vendors.
4.       Plan ahead and don’t be rushed.
5.       Don’t fall for the "too good to be true" deal.
6.       Review credit card and bank statements regularly during the busy shopping season.
Today’s smart phones and tablets enable online shopping directly from the device, which can be very convenient. Remember these two suggestions while shopping on your mobile device this holiday season:
1.       Shop via a trusted vendor app versus browser.
2.       Never install software on your mobile device after following a website link or code.