Beautiful nails at home instantly!

All you need for your own custom nails at home --in a pretty pink bag.Do you want beautiful nails for an occasion or maybe even for every day? Do you have no time or patience for regular salon appointments? Are your own nails weak and uneven looking? may be the perfect solution. This website allows you to create your own set of perfectly manicured, reusable nails. They are sized to fit your own nail beds so they feel and look more natural than regular press-on type nails.
Custom Nail Solutions are nails are safe and non-toxic. They do not require any filling or drilling to adhere to the natural nails. They can be worn for a day or up to two weeks before they are removed, reapplied, or stored. They take some practice to apply perfectly and you will need some help to take the initial impressions needed to order the nails. The kits come with a great DVD that explains the whole process very well. You can also paint and decorate the nails any way you like, or wear them au natural. The nails can be ordered in different lengths, shapes, and a choice of French tip or natural. These nails look like a good acrylic application. If you like that salon nail look, you will like these nails.
The Impression System & One Set of Custom-Fit Nails sells for $139 and comes with all you need. The kit is presented in a very feminine way, in a pretty pink quilted satin bag.