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318013_10152434035650128_1123601145_n - CopyDarlings, I am writing this on a Thursday and musing about what drove the world to “Casual Fridays.” When I Googled the origin of the phrase, I found that some people blamed the dot-com era and geek culture. Others said it began in the 1950s.  I remember it starting in 1970s.

I laughed readings “casual in the workplace means business causal with neatly-pressed slacks for men…” This person is a banker or on drugs, but I like the thinking. I can only dream of a world where everyone is so neatly dressed. Today, too many people look like they sleep in their clothes – and from what I read many do.

I remember when people loved Casual Fridays because it was a chance to wear cute, pressed designer jeans and heels with pretty sweaters to work. Or, if you were very posh, leather pants!

Darlings no matter what is going on in your life it never hurts to feel fabulous. Do it for yourself. Dress up every day! Wear things that make you feel good and make sure you look your best. I don’t mean you have to break out the formal wear; maybe your style is more Lululemon than Lanvin. That’s fine, but make sure that whatever your style, do it well. You owe it to yourself. When you look fabulous you stand straighter, walk a little faster, and smile a little quicker. And, who knows who you might meet or what opportunity could come your way. Even on an ordinary day when nothing usual happens, you will just feel better looking your best. Life is short, making it sweet.

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