A lash extension primer

Courtney AkaiLush, long lashes give women a natural allure and sex appeal that men find hard to resist. There is a reason you will never see a Kardashian or Real Housewife without fabulous eye-enhancing fringe.
The go-to lash expert for celebrities and style-setters is Courtney Akai of NYC Courtney Akai Lash Boutique. She hand applies single lashes to create drama and allure, without compromising the desire to appear natural.
Here are Courtney’s tips:
A full set of extensions can lengthen lashes up to 50 percent, and increases the thickness twofold.
"It’s one of the few non-invasive services that can have a big impact, but still looks natural. I have clients who have been asked if they have had plastic surgery. The effect from just a partial set of extensions can be that much of a transformation," says Akai. "Lashes can change the shape of one’s profile, in the most flattering way possible."
If lash extensions are properly maintained, they will require less upkeep than most mascara, which tend to run and clump, especially as the day or night wears on.
The type of look you can achieve with semi-permanent extensions will depend on your own natural lashes. For instance, we cannot do a Kim Kardashian look on someone with short, weaker lashes because it will not hold up well.
There are different lengths, thicknesses, curls, and lash materials (synthetic, mink, silk). You should speak with the lash stylist and discuss the look you want. Then carefully listen to what they recommend for your lashes.
To maintain the lashes, we recommend a touch-up about every three to four weeks to keep them nice and fresh. Lash extensions do not ruin your own lashes. For many clients, extensions are better for their weak lashes because they stop using the curler, mascara, etc.
Our cost depends on the half-set or full set. Both are top lashes, but a full set is much fuller. Half-sets are $150, $200, or $250, depending on the stylist. A full set runs between $300 and $500.