Centerpiece savvy

This colourful centerpiece is perfect for a casual fall celebration!DolceDolce’s Amber Burns shares entertaining tips from the experts at Country Living magazine, just in time for the holidays. Here’s Amber’s report: 

With the right tools and a few insider tips, anyone can create a stunning centerpiece for a holiday soiree, to brighten a home – or both! Enjoy the elegance floral centerpieces exude. 
Recently, Country Living held its second annual fair at Stone MountainPark outside Atlanta. Home and food stylist Annette Joseph shared her floral expertise with me.
First, gather your “flower tool kit,” which should include: Clippers, scissors, wire, tape, ribbon, and Annette’s secret weapon, rubber bands. Rubber bands are essential in creating a massed-out, flush look. Annette suggested playing with the juxtaposition of the flowers and the vessel. For instance, peach roses look chic in a rugged, funky bucket on crisp, white linen. Go for the unexpected.

To create a uniform, professional look, separate bundles of flowers individually and remove the leaves. Annette encourages you to regroup your flowers into multiple small bouquets, but to “always cut the flowers shorter than you think.”  The shorter stems create a fuller-looking bouquet, and keep the flowers from drooping over the edges of the vessel. 

DolceDolce's Amber Burns and Ed. Sarah Gray Miller from Country Living Country Living editor Sarah Gray Miller likes "hydrangeas and peonies… they’re classic." 

Creating a floral centerpiece is a fabulous way to personalize any event.  Your party should always reflect your style.
Here are more tips from the experts at Country Living to jazz up your gatherings:

·        Themes are always fun; be consistent throughout different realms of planning;
·        Themes are always fun, but keep your chosen theme consistent throughout the planning process;
·        Incorporate your theme from invitations to favors;
·        Welcome your guests with a great appetizer;
·        Play up your theme or holiday party with a seasonal beverage, such as cider or egg nog;
·        Favors should be high in sentiment, but not in price. Use mason jars, cocoa, and marshmallows to create an inexpensive party favor.  Add some ribbon and a name tag to double your gift as a seating arrangement.