Tradition is wonderful, but change can be too

Gracey Hitchcock

Darlings, I adore tradition but all too often we wear ourselves out clinging to things that don't work anymore.Recently, a dear friend told me with relief that her family decided that their big gourmet Christmas dinner was too much work for just one person. They haven't canceled it, instead then have decided to make it together to spread the effort. It works for them.

I have always had a huge holiday card list. A few years ago, I started using e-greetings for most of my holiday mail. It works for me. Postage and cards had become prohibitive and my friends are scattered across the globe. I don't want to slash my friends in an economy measure. E-greetings keep my large list intact and every holiday exchange warms my heart.

So this year darlings, cherish those traditions that bring you joy, and ditch the ones that stress you out. Make the holidays sweet.

 We want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers who are celebrating.

I want you all to know how grateful I am for all of DolceDolce's readers and contributors. Thank you all for your support, creativity, and generosity. You help to make life sweet. I wish you all a safe and very happy day.

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Gracey Hitchcock
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