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Natori Body Options is a bra with straps you can adjust for different style clothesDo you avoid summer’s bare fashions because you look better with a bra? It may be you are not sure when to wear a bra and when you can skip it. Try on your clothes in front of a three-way mirror. Be critical about what you see. Certain clothes may look better with the right bra. It can be frustrating to try to hide lingerie straps with pins and clips. And who wants to buy a bra wardrobe. The solution? A good convertible bra will let you change the position of your straps without changing the fit of the bra. Then you can wear a sexy halter dress or skimpy top with confidence.

Shop popular lingerie sites for a selection of convertible bras. This is is one of my favourites that offers diffent options www.brasymthe.com