Love finds a way

Dreaming in English by Laura Fitzgerald is a modern love story with a classic theme. Love will find a way. 

Beautiful Tami (Tamila) Soroush has come to America on a student visa to join her sister. She has fled the repressive regime in Iran and has vowed never to return. She and her family plan to marry her to an Iranian-American husband so she can remain in the States.
Tami does not count on homesickness, the stress of trying to marry without love, or falling in love. Tami finds love in the most unexpected way. She marries Ike, the man of her dreams. But, her happiness is threatened when his American mother does not welcome her, and even threatens her with deportation. 
Fitzgerald’s characters are complex and memorable.
Tami’s family has paid a harsh price in Iran because of the repressive regime. That tragedy unravels slowly throughout the story. Tami and the family of her new husband Ike must learn to trust each other. This is a beautifully-told love story about two people and their families from two different worlds, and how love — and a love of freedom — can overcome great obstacles.
Lies of the Heart by Michelle Boyajian now in paperback! Read our original review:
Lies of the Heart by Michelle Boyajian is a painful and moving story of a widow’s grief. It is said that that no marriage is perfect. The author of Lies of the Heart uses the grief process to tear away at the little lies and coping mechanisms that once held her main character’s marriage together. 
The author also uses flashbacks to tell a fraught and suspense-filled murder story. Katie Burelli’s husband Nick, a speech therapist, has been murdered by one his patients, a mentally-disabled man named Jerry. Kate and Nick had welcomed him into their home and tried to help him in an effort to heal their own troubled, yet passionate marriage.
Boyajian skillfully toys with readers’ sympathies. She cultivates atmosphere where moral judgments are hard to make and apt to change.
During the course of the trial, Kate is forced to examine her own part in her troubled marriage, her husband’s death, and her own flawed but loving family relationships. Boyajian’s story — with its conflicts, tensions and passions — will resonate powerfully with many women today.