A little TLC for your face

Sunburn, windburn, overwork, stress, and even the blues can all affect your skin. If my skin is looking less-than-fresh, I always reach for a masque. It works every time. Clarins Super Restorative Comfort Masque is perfect for almost all skin types that need little TLC – although I would not recommend it for acne. It has been created to address the problems of skin weakened by age-related hormonal changes, but I think any dry and sensitive skinned women would benefit from it. It’s full of nourishing mango oil and shea butter. It also has Pueraria Lobata, a healing substance derived from the Kudzu root.

Spread this heavenly potion on a freshly-washed face. Lie down with your eyes closed on your bed or in a bath and calm your mind. After you remove the masque your face will be smooth, relaxed, moist and glowing. How fabulous is that?