Coffee pods and capsules

espresso_300x300.jpgThere are many good reasons to enjoy your morning coffee and maybe even afternoon espresso if the caffeine doesn’t keep you up. Far from being the villain coffee was once thought to be it is actually good for you in moderation. Coffee is full of disease-fighting anti-oxidants, and regular coffee drinkers may lower their risk for certain cancers and Diabetes Type 2.  Research shows that coffee can even help your memory and may even improve your workout. So go ahead and enjoy a cup or two of good quality coffee as part of a healthy diet. 

But beware of coffee drinks. There is no benefit to sugar and fat-laden coffee confections served up by coffee chains. They will undo all the healthy benefits. 

Recently I tried Nestles Dolce Gusto’s Piccolo. It is a small and inexpensive capsule coffee machine. It is easy to use and makes a cup of espresso with a crema layer or a frothy coffee-house drink in minutes. Each cup of coffee costs anywhere from 50 cents to 80 cents, which is a much lower price than in any coffee house. DG

But my worry with coffee house drinks is the calories.  A small Starbucks Macchiato with hazelnut drizzle has 240 calories. Nestlé Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato has 89 calories. I chose these two drinks to compare as they are both sweetened coffee with steamed milk. Even an 89 calories cup of coffee has to be seen as a treat or snack in healthy diet.  But whatever coffee you enjoy there are many benefits to making it yourself.