Throw a ‘coca’ cocktial party

Lime, mint, rum classic with an herbal twistAgwa is a new clear liqueur distilled in Amsterdam from the Bolivian coca leaf, which grows best in the moist tropical forests of the eastern Andes of Peru and Bolivia.  This novel spirit can be used in a variety of cocktails. It has a light green colour, an herbal taste, and is slightly numbing in the mouth. It’s a fun drink for a summer party.

Mix a pitcher of Agwa Mojitos or Amsterdam Martinis, and let your friends enjoy. These pale green cocktails with the extra “buzz” are perfect for an informal summer evening.
Agwa Mojito
1 drink (multiply for pitcher)
1½ ounces dark rum
1 ounce Agwa
1tbsp simple (sugar) syrup, or 2 tsp extra fine sugar
Handful of freshly-torn mint
Mint for garnish
Muddle (crush) and bruise the mint with ice
In a shaker or large glass:
Add the rum, Agwa, and simple syrup
Shake or stir
Strain into a clean glass and fresh ice
Garnish with the mint
Amsterdam Martini
1½ ounces Vodka
1½ ounces Agwa
Shake and serve over ice or straight up with lemon twist