Give dad his own eco-savvy soda fountain

The fabulous PenguinHere’s an item we told you about at Christmas that will also make a great Father’s Day gift:

 We recently débuted our new Penguin – and the machine really does resemble a natty little Antarctic maitre d’ – at a recent dinner party. It was a show-stopper and conversation-starter! We brought it right to the table to sparkle-up carafe after carafe. Not only were our guests were entertained, they pronounced the water delicious and the Penguin delightful! They simply couldn’t drink enough. Even a couple of teenagers – whom you’d hardly think would even like club soda – were batty for Pengy. But the guests, who went the craziest for the neat little machine, were the guys. Men, my husband included love this eco-savvy gadget –which makes it a unique and brilliant idea for father’s day.
I adore fizzy water, mineral water, club soda – darlings, you name it. What I don’t love is waste and expense, so I was intrigued by Soda-Club’s Penguin carbonator. It operates without batteries or electricity, and makes seltzer for just 22 cents a liter. How fabulous is that? The Penguin uses lightweight, replaceable CO2 cartridges that the company will exchange when empty. The obvious upside for the planet is no more cans or bottle to trash things up.
The level of carbonation can be adjusted from slightly, to very bubbly – my favourite. We used filtered water from our fridge door dispenser. The result tasted exactly like Saratogawater. I am sure the taste varies with the water used.
The machine is elegant in stainless and black, as are the two heavy glass carafes that come with it. There are also airtight caps to seal in the bubbles. Each CO2 cylinder can carbonate 60 to 110 liters of water, depending on the level of carbonation you use. The cylinders are available by mail and at certain stores.
Soda-Club also sells flavoured drink mixes for trendy flavoured waters, as well as traditional soda too, in regular and diet. This is optional, but a tougher sells, as most us won’t switch from Coke to Pepsi. According to the company, the cost is 44 cents a litre.
For fizzy water you can’t beat the Penguin; he’ll charm you off your feet. The Penguin, with two carbonator cartridges, and starter packs of drink flavours costs about $200. It is available in Canada, too. Soda-Club also offers less expensive models.
This is an ideal gift for the environmentalists, campers, boaters, or trend-setters in your life. Get one for Father’s Day and watch the gadget guy you call dad smile!