Clean Green’s Alice Farnsworth hates house work and she doesn’t care who knows it. That is why we decided she should test out tht new green Clorox cleaning products. If they could get Alice in a good mood while cleaning, we knew they had to be fabulous. Again, here’s Alice:
I hate housework and have always envied my more obsessive friends who, unlike me, are able to get it all done without moaning and groaning. So, it is with great surprise to all that I am absolutely rhapsodic about a new cleaner which I have been pushing on all my friends, with some success.
Green Works, by The Clorox Company, works better than any of the other name brand products I have used. All of these products are made from plant-based ingredients, are biodegradable, non-allergenic, and are not tested on animals. The plastic bottles can be recycled.
WOW! Do they work! The wonderful smelling all-purpose cleaner usually cleans sticky counters with just one spray. It also leaves stainless steel sinks and faucets sparkling. I can say the same for the glass cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner. The dishwashing detergent cuts grease like nothing else I have ever seen. A friend who is allergic to all other detergents was able use this product without gloves. To top it off, I actually enjoy using Green Works. They work so well.
Green Works cleaners are available in grocery, drug and mass retailers. Green Works is inexpensively priced. And it’s even better value because you need so little to do the job.