Gentle but tough

No one likes breakouts, but more and more women seem to suffer with them. Women of all ages are plagued with breakouts from hormones and stress. Serious breakouts usually need a doctor’s treatment, one who specializes in acne. But if you suffer occasional breakout – and before you run to the doctor — you may want to try ClickR, the gentle but strong acne skin care. Many acne treatments are not formulated for adults. They can dry and redden your skin. ClickR has no fragrance colour parabens sulfates or endocrine disruptors. ClickR contains peptides, minerals, vitamins, roots, seeds, and extracts, and gold and silver to control acne. I looked at the Boyfriend Kit. It had a Vanishing Mist and Acne Face Treatment. The active ingredient in both products is two percent salicylic. The products also contain the other ingredients mentioned above. They smell nice and feel good. The kit costs $47. If you can afford it and want to treat yourself, it is nice product to use. Salicylic is my favourite over-the-counter acne treatment. If you are on a budget, you can get a gentle two percent salicylic at the drugstore.