Vanquish Acne

Acne plagues women of all ages. It is soul-destroying to have your face break out before an occasion or a big business meeting. And it doesn’t help that acne is one of the hardest diseases treat. What’s a blemished beauty to do?

Top dermatologist Alex Khadavi has an answer – Clearogen. Acne is hormonal. It begins when dihydro-testosterone or DHT runs amok and causes the sebaceous glands to become overactive. The result is unsightly, and often painful breakouts. Too many popular acne treatments leave women with over-dried and irritated skin. And worse it still breaks out.
Clearogen has ingredient to disrupt DHT naturally. Using a combination of proven acne fighters such as benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid with added botanicals and antioxidants, Clearogen’s three-product regime fights acne, but leaves skin soft and pretty.
The Clearogen system works because it treats the cause and symptoms of acne with a patented time-release formula.
The regime has a cleanser, toner and acne lotion for $69.
According to Clearogen, it has a 95 percent success rate in clinical studies. Results are seen in 30 days, and major improvements in six weeks.
Don’t suffer with this disease. Acne that does not respond to over the counter treatments should be seen by a doctor – they can help.