Style tips for a smooth transition

Tights, lacy or plain, can help to update your look for fallDeciding what to wear as you transition from summer to fall can be tricky. One day it is hot and sticky, and the next it can be cool or wet. Style expert and fashion designer Claudia Patel has tips to make getting dressed as the season change easier. Her style suggestions will also help you to creatively stretch your wardrobe.
Here are Claudia’s tips:
Add tights to summer dresses
With so many fun options for colored and textured tights these days, you can get really creative with your dress collection. Pair unexpected colors and patterns for a fresh, fashion-forward look, utilizing the dresses you’ve worn all summer long.
Pair summer sandals with fall ensembles
The transition between summer and fall leaves a lot of room for fashion rules to go out the window. Pair a decidedly fall outfit with sandals to keep things interesting, and take your outfit to the next level of fun. Nothing is more sophisticated than a skinny jean with a high, open heel.
Fall into color
Bringing in classic fall tones, like oranges, reds, and rusts are so flattering on summer styles. Start to transition to these colors with your summer wardrobe and you’ll fall into the part in no time.
Accessorize with purpose
Scarves are just about the most flexible accessory you can wear. Take summer outfits into fall by adding a light scarf or wear one with a fall ensemble to bring it all together. Either way, you’re making a serious style statement that’s both flattering and fun, and also keeps you warm when that unexpected fall chill enters the air.
Bare at least one area
It’s important to balance out your look when you’re transitioning your wardrobe. For instance, wear a tee-shirt with skinny jeans and a scarf, baring your arms on a warmer day, or go with a dress that exposes your legs but has long sleeves for cooler temperatures. Looking chic is about fashion equilibrium.
Fashion is fun, and expressing your personality should always be your ultimate goal when it comes to putting together your look. Transitioning doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new wardrobe, just as long as you know the tricks to pairing unexpected items together!