Can you hear me, Mom?

There are few things as isolating as hearing loss. And when it comes with the other life-changing aspects of aging, it can be even more devastating. When a person can no longer hear their world begins to shrink. They lose touch with old friends who may have moved, or who are no longer mobile. They cannot hear children or grandchildren who call to share their milestones. The emotional and psychological loss is hard to measure.

If you have not experienced hearing loss in a loved, you may think the problem is easy to address. It is not . Hearing aids are far from flawless. They can be problematic when talking on the telephone. People complain of feedback and other issues. Special phone lines are costly to install and maintain.
Clarity Phones solve this problem easily and inexpensively. They make phones that adjust for different levels of hearing loss at the touch of a button. The phones work on an ordinary household jack with no special lines needed.
I tried out a Clarity phone recently with an extremely hard-of-hearing family member. This person had not been able to hold a normal conversation for more than four years. We had previously tried other phones, hearing aids, and devices — but nothing worked. The Clarity phone, which was easily connected in minutes, changed everything. After years of shouting and frustration, we could finally communicate. Now, a person who has been isolated by hearing loss can call their friends and chat at will. It is hard to imagine a better gift. 

Clarity phones are wonderful for aging parents or friends with arthritis too, as they have large buttons for dialing that are easy to see and dial. The Clarity Corded P400 model has nine programmable one-touch PicturePerfect speed dial keys that display the picture of the person being dialed. This is good for anyone with early Alzheimer’s or memory loss. Many people are better with face recognition than trying to remember often-changing phone numbers.
Clarity Logic is a service designed for seniors and works with Clarity models XL40 and XL45 amplified corded phones. It connects the phone with an automatic 800 numbers and service representative to help adjust the phones volume and make sure the phone is always operating. This lets family and caregivers know there is always a secure phone line operating.
If anyone in your family is suffering from hearing loss, don’t let another day go by without investigating Clarity phones. Life is too short to spend it cut off from family and friends when you don’t have to.