Why don’t you?

Gracey Hitchcock www.luxuryof pearls.comWhy don’t you…?
Before she was the editor of Vogue, Diana Vreeland wrote a column for Harper’s Bazaar called: Why don’t you? In it she made suggestions to the readers. I have always adored the idea, so I have borrowed  it this week.
Why don’t you:
Shut off your phone and computer one afternoon this weekend and read – so relaxing and good for your head!
Call an old friend and catch up.
Do your own pedicure this week and relax on your bed with magazines while your toes dry.
Take an evening to deep-condition your hair and put a mask on your face.
Meet a friend at the museum after work. See an exhibit and enjoy a glass of wine!
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Have a sweet week my darlings! Don’t waste a single day of summer.
Also we have agreed to join with City Cosmetics to help promote their contest for their new Dragon’s Blood Beauty Elixir. We have not done this in age but have had an interest in contests and this is a good one!
We also loved City-SYN! So check this out and let us know how you feel about it!
Here is the link:
The contest closes August 15th.
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Gracey Hitchcock
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