Colour your world!

Try  This spring designers have temporarily tossed their beloved black for a rainbow of colour.
From fabulous florals to stunning tribal prints, the trend is bold. Feel flirty and feminine as you indulge in pretty pastels. Colour your lips and nails a pretty coral, sassy red, or bright pink. Embrace the pop!
But why stop with fashion and makeup? According to holistic healer Karen Erickson, colour therapy, or chromotherapy, is a holistic practice that traces back thousands of years to ancient civilizations. "This type of therapy has been documented to naturally affect physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being because each color enables the body to heal and balance itself," says Karen.
Here are her tips for detoxifying mind, body, and space with colour:
Eat Your Greens
Imagine the color of new life, the color of leaves when they first begin to blossom on trees. Green supports balance and harmony, so incorporate it to all parts of the day. Eat more green foods such as baby greens, asparagus, avocados, cilantro, celery, parsley, and sprouts. Try putting limes in a bath, to liven up drinking water, and to freshen up proteins like chicken and seafood. Making guacamole with avocado, lime, and cilantro at a get-together is an easy way to promote a fresh start and detox with friends.
Dress to Impress
Wearing bright clothing and undergarments will instantly put the wearer and those around them in a cheerful mood. For example, pink is a great color that gives off vibes of love. Wear it to become more loving of one self and others.
Energize with Water
Transform moods with different colored waters. For example, if energy is being sought after, take red colored paper and place it underneath a clear glass of tap water, or pour water into a red colored glass. Let the water sit in the sunlight and brighten the room as light reflects the color. Use different colored paper or glasses for different moods.
Breathe in Color
While meditating, an individual should visualize breathing in color and being surrounded by it to transform moods. For instance, yellow is associated with being able to focus, instruct, learn and detox. Spring is the perfect time to start fresh in any aspect of your life. Imagine breathing in yellow when seeking to focus on a detox. Colors like lavender and pink are also great for meditation, to calm the mind and focus on new endeavors.
Liven Up Home and Office Walls with Fresh Colors
Painting walls a certain color will instill a particular mood for that room. In spring, go with a lighter color palette, think of Easter or the colors of flowers budding, grass growing, and a pale blue sky in the afternoon. Again, spring is about starting fresh, and wanting to feel new and improved.
New Accessories, New Room
If painting the walls becomes inconvenient, spice a room up with fun-colored pillows, rugs, window treatments, art pieces, or plants to recharge energy. Lavender signifies calming, spirituality, and wisdom. Incorporate this color into a room for calming the mind to gain new insights for starting fresh this spring.
When Life Gives You Lemons freshen up with lemon water
Take a bath with lemons and sea salt to revive skin and get a refreshing spring glow. Squeeze lemons into drinking water or eat them to detox bodies and prepare for spring and summer activities.
Get New Light Bulbs
Light bulbs with full spectrum lighting mimic natural sunlight to emit all colors of the rainbow and reduce depression.
Wear Color Therapy Glasses
Lenses with colored tints allow for light entering the body to be concentrated in one spectrum. Therefore, mood will enhance according to the color of the lenses.
Consider a Color Therapist
Color therapists can determine the most enlightening color for an individual’s mood by providing supervised color therapy treatments under special colored lights. For example, the Enlightened Healing Center in Orland Park, Illinois uses red and infrared light therapy to treat inflammation and stimulate new, healthy cell growth.
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