Get into sexy stripes

Claudia Shiffer in stripes

Last summer, style-savvy celebs such as Claudia Schiffer and Sienna Miller snapped up this striped shirt by Chanel. This is a trend that keeps on giving. Easy-to-wear nautical stripes will be just as chic this spring. So snag a striped shirt of your own and enjoy how fabulous this trend looks at all price points!
Sexy stripes from The Gap $39.50Grab a Gap sweater in silk and cotton, in red and white strips, and pair it with a khaki shirt and jacket for the office. This summer wear it also with khaki shorts. How cute will you look! I have already spotted this number in several fashion layouts!
Chic boatneck sweater from Milly $125Or try a chic black and white look like this one from Milly paired with white pants or a skirt for a mid-winter get away. You will love it again this summer. I also rock a sweater like this with black lathe skirt and boots all winter.