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One of my favourite photos this year from the lavish Met Gala was that of Cher and Marc Jacobs. The Met Gala is has become the most glamorous fashion party of year. It is a night when celebrities and the fashion world bring their A game. The result is over-the-top shimmering fantasy. No one has ever done that better than Cher. 


Cher is the original fashion diva and the “fabulous girls” of today all copy from her look book.

This year’s gala theme “Chinese Whispers” is another name for childhood game of “telephone” where a phrase is whispered from player to player.  The fun is hearing how distorted it has become after so many re-tellings.  The phrase Chinese Whispers can also refer to rumours or gossip. It was very clever choice. Cher has always been able to get people talking just by wearing the right –or some might say wrong outfit. That after all is part of point of fashion –creating drama.



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Christina Aguilera in BurlesqueDarlings, the really hot ticket this Thanksgiving won’t be football. It will be the movie Burlesque starring Cher, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, and Stanley Tucci. The buzz is already fabulous. Cher and Christina both look delicious – and so decadent!

Sebastian hair products joined the fun with a limited-edition Burlesque-inspired gift set. It includes two of our favourites: Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray. This signature product was used on the Burlesque movie set.   It also has a bottle of Drench moisturizing shampoo, as well as a ticket to the movie. And there is a chance to win a trip for two to the Hollywood premiere. 
Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray and Drench are cult classics among beauty cognoscenti. If you haven’ t tried them yet, now is your chance.
Sebastian Re-Shaper and Drench --Plus a movie ticket and a chance to win!In the movie, Christine plays the small-town girl Ali who goes to LA to find fame and fortune. She ends up a cocktail waitress in Cher’s burlesque club. Can you imagine the rest? The film has fabulous costumes and glorious musical numbers. Burlesque opens November 24. I’ll be there!