Our favourite sun screens

Large sun hat, this one from Eric Javits, is the ultmate sun protection add-onThe best way to avoid lines, wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancer is by using a good sunscreen every day. Preventing sun damage and premature photoaging is more effective and less expensive than trying to undo it.  

Invest in several good sun protection products and use them. Consider applying a good spray-on sunscreen head-to-shoulders daily as a base. I like to use one with anti-oxidants and UVA-UVB protection. I like spray on sunscreen from Neutrogena and CVS the best for everyday use. They are affordable and smell good. Neutrogena makes a dry-touch spray which is excellent, if you hate the feel of sunscreen.
There is evidence that non-chemical sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide may be better for your skin. This is the type of sunscreen that I use on my face. The minerals reflect the sun away from the skin and prevent sun damage.
Whatever sunscreen you chose, be sure to reapply it frequently when you are outside. If your makeup or moisturizer has an SPF 15, you need additional protection of at least SPF 30. Remember, most window glass doesn’t protect you from sun damage, so use sunscreen inside when working by windows and when driving.
Do not forget to protect your hands and scalp. You will look decades younger and avoid life-threatening diseases, if you pay attention to sun protection.
Some favourite sun screens:
Lily B. SPF 30 Ultra Defense
Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50
Lumixyl Moisturelock Sunscreen SPF30