Ill-fated love affair

The September Queen by Gillian Bagwell is a rollercoaster of a romance. It tells the story of Jane Lane who helped the roguish and handsome King Charles II escape from Cromwell’s England. 

Bagwell’s novel paints the love affair between the intellectual, lovely Jane and the charming, but unfaithful Charles. Jane, still unmarried at 25, knows that Charles is the man she can never have, yet she gives him her heart and body.
Jane and her brother are forced to flee England when their part in his flight from England is uncovered. They join the court of the vagabond king without a country, and finally return home when Charles is restored to the throne.
Bagwell’s telling of Charles and Jane’s romance is bittersweet and full of passion.
This richly-detailed story will delight lovers of a hot romance!