Staying in the game!

It takes a smart woman to age gracefully. The 67-year-old Guiding Light legend, Tina Sloan knows all about it. She shares her knowledge in her book Changing Shoes; Getting Older – Not Old — With Style, Humor and Grace. She first appeared on hit soap opera The Guiding Light in the 1980s. She wore a fitted nurse outfit and Chanel high heels as nurse Lillian Raines. Over the years her wardrobe went from sexy nurse to boring scrubs and sneakers. 

Tina speaks candidly about her changing life, changing shoes, and how she managed to “stay in the game”. No matter how old you are, you need to read her advice on how to age gracefully. This woman has figured out how to stay in the game.
DD: Can women “stay in the game” after 40, 50, 60 years old?
TS: Can I say ‘we are the game’? But we aren’t. I think 40 year olds still are. 50 and 60 year olds can be the game, if they have power and money.  I think the question is: what is the game?  Does it mean working or being a mom? There are so many different games now.  I think one changes games as one ages.
DD: If men always want to date younger — and one does hears this –how do your more mature friends find men to date?
TS: Lots of my friends don’t find men to date. But ones who really want to date do find them.  It is a question of really wanting a man in your life.  If you do, you will find one.  If you just sort of want to date, then you won’t find anyone.
And there are lots of men who don’t want to date younger women.  I have many friends my age and younger who are getting married and dating seriously.  There are plenty of men who want someone they relate to and who can do the twist (kidding, sort of). When they get divorced or widowed, they date women they know in the same situation.  You hear a lot about the men who go for younger women but I must say I rarely see men date "inappropriate women" unless they are still youngish themselves.

DD: How important is exercise to women after 40?
I think very until after mid 50s.  And then the game changes. So does what you do as exercise.  I walk now and do some yoga at times.  Tennis and golf and biking are fun to do too. I think after 40, women still love to look great and feel good so they are still into exercise.
DD: Why do you think so many women let themselves go as they age?
TS: It is easier.  Someone once said that original sin is laziness. That says it all, doesn’t it?  Who wants to get their hair colored, exercise, shop, and polish their shoes and diet? No one! We all want to read, watch TV, and gossip. We are human and comfy is soooo nice.
DD: Is it possible to keep romance alive in long-term marriages?
I think romance really is a word of youth.  That being said, long-term marriages are heaven. The comfort level, fun, and joy are tremendous. That is a different kind of romance.  It is a different game (here we go again) with new rules.  One is not in bed all weekend ordering pizza (as I say in my book pizza is now the highlight of the weekend) but one can still have good sex and intimacy.
DD:  What is your opinion on hormone replacement therapy?
TS: I personally believe in it and use the patch. I had a hysterectomy a while ago, so don’t use progesterone but use an estrogen patch. My mood is much better and no hot flashes. 
DD: Do you have any make-up and skin care tips for women over 50 or 60?
TS: I think using products for our age group is the best tip. Lauren Hutton and Chantacaille are great, and so is Oil of Olay. We have dryer skin. I also think keeping our teeth white is important. Opening our eyes by using an eyelash curler is a big plus.

Tina also has a funny and touching one-woman show called Changing Shoes. My husband and I saw it in Atlanta. We thoroughly enjoyed it. If you get a chance to see it- go!

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