Splurge for mom

So cute and classicTo say that Coco Chanel understood modern luxury is an understatement. She practically invented it. That’s why whenever I think "splurge”, I think Chanel.

This Mother’s Day, splurge big and give your mother Hollywood’s bag du jour, the classic and timeless Chanel Miniflap. Or, if you know your Mom would just die for a tote, get her an iconic quilted bag.
This bath oil is so luxeEqually luxe, but more affordable is a bottle of Chanel No. 5 Essential Bath Oils.
The three pastel pink layers combine when shaken into a blend of pampering treatment that softens, hydrates, and soothes. The classic scent blends with all of my fragrances. For an evening at home, I often wear just thin veil of it after a long soak. So delicious!