Cellulite! Quelle horreur!

Some women don't believe in cellulite www.karinpacione.comSome women don’t believe in cellulite. They must not wear bathing suits, short skirts, or be over the age of 18. Others say the French invented it. Perhaps that is because they have entire institutes dedicated to banishing it.

Cellulite is fat that doesn’t know its place; it breaks through the layers between the skin and muscle and makes nasty little ripples and dimples. What’s a beauty to do? Fight back, darling, fight back!
Liposuction will not improve cellulite and can make it worse. Endermology is a pricey, FDA-approved treatment for cellulite. A machine pummels and sucks at your skin. The improvement is temporary; if you stop it all comes back. I think you can do as well on your own with diet, exercise, and massage – done by yourself or a skilled professional.
Firm up thighs and buttocks and keep your skin moisturized and sleek and it can make it a huge difference. So can cutting extra salt and fat out of your diet. Try fresh fruit and veggies and drinking gallons of water and herb teas. After all, that is what French women do to control cellulite.
You can also get a head start on this pesky problem with an anti-cellulite treatment to help massage away the bumps. Darlings, my thighs were never smoother than when I had a weekly massage in Moscow. Health-conscious Russians are fanatical about cellulite control.
Try the Rock Your Body Hippie Rehab Lipo Pollooza anti-cellulite kit for a natural approach. The all-organic kit contains cellulite-fighting capsules and cream. The capsules have a combination of ingredients to help strengthen the weaken muscle tissues and flush toxins.  The organic cream moisturizes and tones skin with a combination of aloe vera, salicylic, and botanicals. This is a perfect natural approach with two quality products. And darlings, if you care about what the hoi polloi do, go to this website and see the Hollywood Dollies who will soon be in Hippie Rehab too!  http://www.hippierehab.com/
If you are feeling continental, Lierac Paris offers Morpho-Slim Anti-cellulite Concentrate.  Itis a unique solution to an ancient problem. Morpho-Slim contains a significant amount of caffeine to stimulate and reduce the fat held in cellulite cells. Glucine complex, an extract from the Mediterranean poppy plant, has been shown to modify cells from adipocyte or cellulite type to fibroblast type. These newly-formed cells produce collagen and firmer skin. A botanical wheat extract helps strengthen the skin and improve its appearance. This lotion is wonderfully stimulating. You can feel your skin tighten and results are visible very quickly. http://www.lierac.com/