Bread is the devil

Celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer’s  new book, Bread is the Devil  helps readers identify their dieting downfalls or “devils,” as Bauer calls them. This not just another diet book; Bauer identifies common habits that make dieters slip up, and offers workable typos to avoid them.

She explains the dangers not only of tempting of carb-loaded bread, but also of traditional dieting foods that some dieters abuse. She cautions against snacking on food that you can mindlessly “pop,” like cherry tomatoes or baby carrots, if you a prone to mindless binging.
Bauer works with high-powered executives and celebrities, so she has learned she cannot help dieters while ignoring their travel and stress-packed lifestyles. Instead, Bauer offers tips for navigating restaurants, business dinners, and travel, as well as dealing with stress and stress-eating.
She recommends drinking lots of water and eating lean protein as well as plenty of fresh veggies. She encourages readers to identify the situations that cause them to “slip” from their healthful habits, and then she offers strategies to cope.
I like this book. Bauer is a true motivator and problem solver. She knows why dieters falter and how to guide them back on track. It is easy to see why show business divas like Tyra  follow Bauer’s recommendations to drop a few pounds. So, if you need a little coaching, check out Bread is the Devil.