How to get a retro glam look

Retro do --Olivia WildeWe love Olivia Wilde’s recent style homage to Sophia Loren at Glamour Reel Moments. 

To create the look:

·        Celebrity hairstylist David Babaii blow-dried her wet tresses for a shiny, frizz-free foundation using Couture Colour Pequi Oil. He massaged a dime-sized amount into the hair for a glistening finish.
·        Next, he randomly curled her entire golden brown mane with a 1½ inch curling iron to form beautifully volumized waves.
·        To ensure height at the root area, he sprayed IT&LY Hairfashion’s Pure Texture Spray directly at the root area prior to curling.
·        After curling the entire head, David took large sections, back-brushed the hair at the base, and smoothed it with a medium paddle brush to achieve the desired height and volume.
·        Next, he brought all the hair back into a loose bun, securing large sections into loops and twists with bobby pins, and leaving thin strands free. The fringe was swept to one side, blending it back into the bun. The key is to allow shorter strands to fall naturally to frame her face.
·        He finished with IT&LY Hairfashion’s Pure Hair Eco Hairspray for a dazzling red carpet style.
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