Celebrity beauty secrets get a little tweaking!

We loved Robin McGraw's egg mask idea but we made it less messy and more  effectiveMost people assume that celebrities have beauty secrets that the rest of don’t. And while they have access to the best beauty experts, sometimes even celebrity beauty secrets could use a little refinement. Recently I heard two smart beauty “secrets” from two very good looking TV personalities. I liked their ideas because they were based in science and will actually work for most women. They are effective, easy, and affordable, so I made them just a little better.
Recently, a reality TV posted a video on YouTube “sharing her beauty secrets.” She was promoting her skin care line. She told her fans that if they could afford only one of her beauty products they should buy the cleanser. She explained that properly cleansing your face was the most important thing you can do to look young and beautiful .She was half right.
Even with all the high-tech beauty creams and treatments available today, washing your face and using sunscreen correctly is the best way to keep you skin looking young, moist, and beautiful. Gently cleansing your skin exfoliates and moisturizes it.
You can find good cleansers at all price ranges. Cleaners need to get your face clean and leave it soft. If you want added benefits, look for one with glycolic, salicylic, or mircobeads. These ingredients help to keep pores unblocked and give skin a glow by whisking away dead cells. Or, you can exfoliate with a clean white wash cloth or a facial brush. Some of my friends swear by Clairisonic. I also really like the $20 version from Olay; I keep it in my bath, as I really like brushes for body exfoliation. I prefer to use clean white wash clothes on face. (If you try this method use a fresh dry wash cloth every time. You will need at least two dozen of them.) 
As a beauty editor for many years I have tired at least sixty cleansers. I have also interviewed many experts on the subject and can tell you without a doubt you can buy an excellent cleanser for less than $10. You can spend a lot more, too; it is a matter of personal preference and budget.
Here is a list of my favourite cleansers for less than $10: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, Neutrogena Naturals Acne Foaming Scrub, Target’s up and Up Daily Cleanser, Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cleanser and Pond’s Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating Cleanser.
Dr. Phil Robin McGraw says her best beauty secrets are natural.
Robin McGraw has become a public figure due appearances on her husband, Dr. Phil’s, TV show. At age 55, she is lovely and youthful-looking. She has explained how she made her body scrubs from natural ingredients in her kitchen. Her recipe is good and if you want to, try it here is the link
She also shared a recipe for an egg white facial that she admitted could be messy and a little gross. She is right; egg white facial are a sticky mess, but they can leave you face looking firm and refreshed. That is why egg white facials are old beauty treatment that are “new” again. There are even expensive masks containing mostly albumin or egg white protein that claim to lift your face.  Egg whites help to temporarily tighten the skin, exfoliate, and even act as mild skin lightener or luminizer.
 You can make an egg white mask at home that is every effective and pleasant to use.
You will need a few supplies that you can find online or at a good baker’s supply store or health food store. Do not try this mask if you are allergic to eggs.
All natural firming mask
Egg white powder.
This is sold for cooking. You can buy a small bag for between $8 and $9. You can also use it to make desserts or dishes calling for egg whites. (Keep it sealed and dry.)
Vitamin C powder L-Ascorbic Acid from Vitamin store. (Buy a fine powder; it should not be expensive. Keep it sealed and dry.)
Small bottle of Aloe Vera
2-3 tsp. of freshly brewed white or green tea. Fresh tea is full of active antioxidants.
Optional: A few drops of rosehip oil, primrose oil, sandalwood oil, or any special essential oil you prefer. Use only pure, essential, or fresh vitamin-grade, oil. If you react to cosmetics test the mask or any new skin care treatment on your inner arm.
The mask should be freshly mixed every time.
1½ tsp. aloe
1½ tsp. tea
A few drops (2-3 drops) of one oil, if you are using it.
Mix with
2 tbsp. of egg white powder and ¼ tsp. Vitamin C powder, until you have a spreadable paste.
Apply to your clean face and let dry.