Celebrating beauty

Darlings, I adore beautiful women — all kinds, shapes, and sizes of beautiful women. It makes me sad and it frustrates me that women are their own harshest critics. It is foolish not to love the body you’ve been given. Learn to make the most of it. I refuse to play the conformity game. I don’t care if my friends use the same brand of face cream that I do or do not use. Nor do I care if they dye their hair, use Botox, have had plastic surgery – or none of the above.

I do care if my friends are ethical, loyal, creative, and a host of other wonderful qualities. And if anyone cares, I think they are all beautiful. Darlings, look in the mirror and smile at the woman you are. Tell people why they are wonderful and mean it. Have a sweet week full of joy and beauty.
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Gracey Hitchcock
Photo by: www.yanka.ca
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