A far from fairy tale romance

Dear Cary by Dyan Cannon is a page-turner of a memoir by one of the last remaining members of "old Hollywood." Dyan Cannon is best known for her cascading mane of blond hair and her famous marriage to screen legend Cary Grant.
The stunning, young actress was shooting her first feature film in Rome when the legendary movie star began pursuing her. Grant had seen the stunning, bikini-clad woman on a TV show, and was smitten.
Cannon tells of Grant’s strange and persistent courtship. It was hard for a romantic young girl to resist the polished and sophisticated Grant, but Cannon remained cautious. She says, she was both intimidated by and attracted to the older, debonair, and intense actor. Grant was 62 when they met, 33 years older than Cannon. He was also moody and controlling, as well as romantic and devoted.
Dyan paints a believable picture of a strange marriage in which her husband forces her to experiment with LSD to become a better and more mature person. Grant spoke openly about using LSD under a doctor's supervision.
In this star-studded memoir, Cannon finally lays to rest the rumours of homosexuality that surrounded Grant his entire life. She explains why all of his marriages ended in divorce, as well as the problems he had that led to his inability to be truly intimate.
Cannon is poignant, candid, and even handed in her telling of this far-from-fairy tale romance. Dear Cary is a larger than life Hollywood story that will not disappoint.