Raw beauty

Supermodel and acclaimed beauty Carol Alt is devoted to the “raw food movement.” She also prefers her beauty regime to be natural, organic and raw. “My quest for raw ingredients turned me into a label sleuth,” Alt says, “and I discovered that beauty products identified as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ didn't always live up to their names.” 
So Alt developed her own line of skin care Raw Essentials made from certified raw ingredients that are never heated above 115 degrees. None of the products contain petroleum, sulfates, detergents, or synthetic preservatives like parabens, artificial colors, and fragrances. They also contain no genetically modified organisms.
I tried Raw Essentials Moisturizing Face Serum. My dry sensitive skin instantly drank in the moisturizing blend of cold pressed Tamanu Nut Oil and Monoi Oil. I loved the cool soothing feel of this serum. It also contains potent natural anti-aging ingredients and anti-oxidants, such as potent natural a Hibiscus, Carrot Juice, Vitamin E, Olive Leaf Extract.                                                   
It costs $29