Shape up for the holidays

We love Coach Nicole’s newest fitness mantra “chisel muscle and sizzle fat." That says it all! Total Body Sculpting with Coach Nicole, from the popular online SparkPeople team, comes with a free online weight-loss plan to go with the three fat-burning workouts.
In this DVD you get three different workouts to mix and match: a popular figure shaping barre workout (use a chair), a no-equipment, fat-burning cardio workout, and a fat-burning, heart-pumping free weight workout.
SparkPeople DVDs are more than just another workout DVD; they are complete coaching plans for weight loss and fitness. The DVD includes an interactive plan, calendar, coaching tips, as well as a weight loss plan to help you meet your goals.
This DVD is a great option for anyone who needs a coach and plan at home.
Coach Nicole points out that you can adjust the workouts to own fitness level. “Even within each workout, you get three different levels of intensity that you can mix and match, so you are challenging your body differently all the time.” She goes on to explain, “Every workout features dynamic, full-body movements that burn more calories in less time while incorporating both strength training, cardio and core work. That’s why it’s so effective!”


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