Trends with butter with Katie Jane Hughes

Katie Jane Hughes global colour ambassador for butter LONDON Katie Jane Hughes is one of the hottest runway makeup artists in the business, and is also the global colour ambassador for butter LONDON.  She helped create the line’s new bespoke collection of brightly coloured lip glosses, balms, eye pencils, shadows, mascara, and nail colour.  Katie also heads back-stage teams at butter London, New York, and Paris and works with major designers to create runway looks. All of this makes her the perfect person to talk trends with – plus, she is really a fun lady.
butter London’s new bespoke collection
Katie stroked a shimmering shade of lavender eye shadow across her hand and explained that the whole bespoke colour cosmetics collection is designed to be used without brushes. “We made it easy,” Katie told me, “all you need is your fingers. You can use it anywhere and it is fast, too."
The shimmering, lavender shadow is called Indigo Punk. It is one of six new WINK cream eye shadow shades in the collection that also which includes Inky Stick (the perfect cornflower blue), Union Black, Brown Sugar, Union Jaded (soft grass), Pistol Pink (pink shimmer), Alabaster Gaze (a silver shimmer), and Sun Kissed (a golden shimmer).  All of the shadows, except the highlighter shades Alabaster Glaze and Sun Kissed, have coordinating WINK Eye pencils and WINK Mascaras. There is even a bright Pistol Pink Mascara  in a shocking magenta shade that looks prettier than it sounds. Katie explained that the whole collection is “inspired by shows – we take our inspirations directly from the catwalk and what is happening with collections.” This collection has a real rock and roll edge to it.
Katie showed me how the shadows can be worn as either a pale shimmer of colour, or built up for a sexy, smoky appearance. Katie created a very glam look on Linda, a gorgeous butter London makeup artist, by layering WINK eyeliner in Union Black with lots of Indigo Punk shimmery lavender crème eye shadow. The effect was sexy and sophisticated.
The shadows and liners have a silky feel. They blend effortlessly. Katie explained that the pencils set in 30 seconds and then last for 24 hours.
I have been wearing the Union Black and Indigo Punk Wink Pencils that Katie gave me. They are the best gel liners I have ever tried. They go on easily, blend well, and do not move, flake, or peel – even through sweaty workouts. If your eyeliner runs or smears, this is for you.
The new smoky eye is all about the bottom lashes
Noel and HannahBrightly coloured shadows, like the ones from butter London, are one of the strongest makeup trends this fall. If you are unsure how to wear brightly-coloured eye makeup, Katie suggests   playing up your eye with a  “heavy bottom lash that is all smoked out.” To get the look, take a  WINK eye pencil and WINK mascara in the same colour. Use the liner under your eye. Then, pick out the little bottom lashes with mascara. “It is a new way to do a smoky eye and it looks very cool,” says Katie.
Wear a bright mascara colour under a darker one to accent your eye colour
Katie suggested wearing brightly-coloured mascara as an under-coat for darker mascara. She pointed out that this is a great way to get little glints of colour that highlight the eyes. She suggested I try wearing Union Jaded, a bright lime under Union Black mascara to pick up the gold highlights in my own brown eyes. It looked fabulous and is quite subtle. I also loved the look with Indigo Punk. WINK Mascara is a gel that builds easily and does not clump. It can look very dramatic or very natural, depending on how many coats you use.
Match your eyes to your nails
Another fun runway trend that Katie likes for the fall is matching your eye makeup to your nail lacquer. This is a new take on matching lips and nails. You can be demure in lavenders and lilacs, or bold and brassy in black.
Makeup multitasking for the minimalist
If you are a makeup minimalist and like to get the job done quickly and with just a few products, take a page from Katie’s book. You can use the new CHEEKY Cream Blushes on lips, too.  Katie does. The blushes, like the rest of the makeup, are super blendable and stay on. There are four shades in the collection. You can create a smoky eye with a single WINK eye pencil. Apply it heavily near the lid and let it set, and then blend it out around your eye. Katie likes Inky and I use Indigo Punk.
Lighter lips this fall or…
For the fall, Katie recommends going lighter on your lips and wearing a bright eye. The new Lippy Tinted Balm is gorgeous and super moist, thanks to Shea butter and Vitamin E, which leaves your lips shiny but not slick. The look is pretty and modern. There are four shades: Abby Rose ( Rose), Apricot Sunray (coral), Axis Rose (pretty pink), and Black Cherry (gorgeous wine).
If you feel compelled to wear an outrageously edgy lip look, try Lippy Liquid Lipstick in Union Jack Black. It is a long-wearing, glossy, black, straight from the racier catwalk shows. If you want a trendy red lip, try Lippy liquid lipstick in Come to Bed Red.
There are over a dozen shades of Lippy Gloss in both Sheer and Shimmer. Katie likes to layer  glosses over each other or over Lippy Tinted Balm. One of my favourite looks is Lippy Tinted Balm Abby Rose with Lippy Sheer Gloss in Secret Door. The sheer poppy red of the gloss intensifies the rose lip balm, but it is easier to wear than a real red lip colour – especially in the daytime.
Stylish and good for you too!
The makeup, like the original nail enamel, prides itself on being full of things that are, as Katie put it, “good for you.” All the products are paraben- and phthalate-free. They contain skin-pampering ingredients such as mango seed oil, Vitamin E, and Shea butter. And if you think all this style will break the bank, you will be happy to know that everything is priced from $18 to $20.