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I once said to a friend, “I am little picky about…” She stopped me. She explained I was quite definite about most things. And she was right. It has become a bit of a joke among my friends. As it happens that day we she was asking me for a recipe and I was explaining I was very picky about my spices. I often buy them in bulk. I like them fresh.  I find it is the most authentic and economical way to purchase spice if you cook a lot and I do. This conversation took place in Toronto where I like to shop a small spice shop in Little India owned by a lovely Indian lady. Many years later I found out that many chefs in the city also shopped there for the same reason I did – it was the best. It wasn’t the fanciest or best known but it is the best. ButterandCream.jpg

Recently, my friend Amanda invited me to a new ice cream parlor in Decatur, Georgia called Butter and Cream. The ice cream is the best I have had in a long time – and I love ice cream. I was rich and full of real flavours like Maple Walnuts, Cashew, and Carmel. Those are my favourites so they are the ones I tried. It was the real thing – and these days that is so rare. http://butterandcream.com/ 

More and more I see the ersatz passed off as the real thing. I hear teachers toss “yoga speak “into  all kinds of  exercise classes because yoga is trendy but the classes have as much to do with yoga as football does with ballet. I see the “ordinary” in all industries being upsold with add-ons that are not luxurious or premium except in name. Don’t get me wrong darlings, real luxury and quality exists but you need to sort it from the dross. It may be a humble thing like my little spice shop or finding the best teachers, studios, or whatever you in the market for at the time. It is about – to paraphrase Cole Porter – the real Turtle Soup not the mock. 

Darlings, the quality of your life is up to you. It pays to be at the very least – a little picky. 

Make time for the things you enjoy and the people you love because, my darlings that is truly where the sweet life lies. 

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