Stand up for yourself, but avoid meanies

There are lots of theories about mean girls. Some say it is competitiveness that we that see play out on the Real Housewives shows. It can be very upsetting to watch.  

Some women thrive on negative competition. They think they are winning when they get more attention, or if they zing someone else. Women like this challenge you the moment you meet them. They contradict and interrogate aggressively for no reason at all.   
I think they are a pain, and avoid them like the poison they are. When I was younger their barbs and backhanded compliments would take me by surprise. I have never felt the need to put down other women. I still don’t understand the fun in it – but now I sure know how to get out of the way. There are those say mean girls change, I say they don’t, and who needs the aggravation?
Learn to stand up for yourself if pushed, avoid negativity, and surround yourself with women who are secure and happy. Life is short, make it sweet.
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Gracey Hitchcock
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