Bounty on a budget

 We have reviewed a slew of “frugal cookbooks” since the recession began. Poor Girl Gourmet by Amy McCoy is the first “budget” cookbook I have not tossed out. This book is fabulous no matter your budget. Amy McCoy loves to cook and she knows how. She and her husband shopped without regard for price or quantity before the recession hit them. Now, she still shops at Whole Foods and cooks tasty gourmet meals, but the difference is she plans her menus and draws on her family’s legacy of Italian home cooking. There are no compromises in this book. Her recipes are fabulous and exciting. She has included something for everyone, with fast and savory soups, unusual and tempting salads, and many slow-cooked dishes that sound delish. Her desserts look fabulous. There is balance between super-simple and more complex. 

Amy McCoy offers tips for beginners, so don’t worry if you are not Cordon Bleu. I love this book. It is a great gift for beginner cooks with style and budding hostesses with the mostest.