Fix your brows for a younger look

Brows_Glasses_RGBAny makeup artist will tell that one of the easiest and fastest ways to look younger or thinner is to fix your eyebrows. Many women have eyebrows that are the wrong shape for their face, or are too thin or too light. Last year European Wax Center or EWC performed 1.6 million eyebrow services last year, according to its president, David Coba. They know brows and offered to share their information.  Here are their tips for updating your eyebrows for spring:

Brows highlight your face, frame your eyes and have the ability to tell a story. Ultimately brows determine your expression and that is why they have grown to become a woman’s most treasured accessory.

At EWC we like the look of a full, strong brow. If you want to soften the look, simply go with a slightly lower arch.

A full brow is flattering but if you can’t manage to grow them, a thinner brow with a higher arch can also accentuate strong and powerful eyes.

The shape of your brow should flatter your face. Soften a square face by rounding the arch. Alternatively, an angled high arch can bring definition to a rounder face.

A lighter, more manicured eyebrow can give your face the fresh look you’ve been longing for. Hint: Bring the end to a graceful point, this adds femininity and is a characteristic of a manicured brow.

Finally, regardless of whether you have a bold brow or skinny brow, high arch or low arch, always make your brows the focal point of your face by using a brow powder to define your perfect shape.