Get framed!

Robert BolanosEyebrows frame your face. Learning how to shape them can bring out your best features. Plucking your eyebrows too thin can make you look years older. If your brows are too arched or too dark you can look scary. Celebrity brow expert and makeup artist Robert Bolanos works at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills with Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, Becki Newton, as well as Regina King and Carole King. Now he gives DolceDolce readers his useful tips on how to shape, colour, and improve brows.

DD: What is the best way to clean up your brows. Should you tweeze or wax?

RB: Tweeze at home by yourself, because you can be more precise. Tweezing removes the hairs one by one. If you pull out a strip of hair, there is no going back.
DD: What style of brow is in fashion now?
RB:   I think bold and beautified is always stylish. The brow is always at its thickest to complement a person face and eyes. Brows thin as we age, so bigger is better!
DD: How can you tell what the best shape brow is for you?
RB:  When you measure your brows, they should be one to one-and-a-half inches apart. There is symmetry to your face and brows. You can see how long they should be at the arch and at the tail end by using your face as a guide. The arch should begin at the iris and the tail end should be angled to your nostril; it is a diagonal line. Use a rule to help you get the line. If the brow is too long, your eyes can look droopy. But if your eyes are droopy, you can slightly shorten your brows to lift them.
DD: What is the best type of brow make-up: pencil or powder?
RB:  Pencil is more blendable. It has a wax formula so it melts fast and blends better. That makes it more suitable for brows.
DD: Is it worth it to dye your brows or lashes?
RB:  It depends on the individual. Some people who have sparse brows and light lashes will benefit from a tint. It highlights the shape and makes it easier in the holes. Tinted lashes look longer and more lustrous. It can make a real difference for blondes and redheads who have very light lashes.
DD: What is the worse thing women do to their brows?
RB:  They trim too much. When they cut too much, the brows stand up instead of lying down.
DD: Is tattooing a good idea for brows?
RB:  It’s a last resort. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon can offer other solutions. If you decide to tattoo, you’ll need the look to be natural and blended.
DD: Does Latisse or Rogaine help sparse brows?
RB:  While I am not a doctor, I have seen both products work on brows. Latisse works much faster. I have seen Rogaine grow brows, but it works unevenly in spots.