A guide to the “royal” life

The world loves a royal wedding – and even more, when the bride is a commoner. Jerramy Fine was a young American girl who dreamed of marrying a prince. She moved to England and set about meeting one. She finally married her “prince,” who is not a royal, but does live in London.
Bright Young Royals: Your Guide to the Next Generation of Blue Bloods is her primer on meeting and marrying a royal. Jerramy did not marry a prince, but she did break into British high society. The book includes photos of Europe’s single young royals, as well as information on where to meet them and other tips.
We asked Jerramy to give DolceDolce readers our own guide to the “royal life.”
Top Tips for Mixing and Mingling with Royals
by Jerramy Fine
·        Always be polite. Getting your foot in the royal door is not easy, so be prepared to punch your way in! Once you’re there, be sure to dress appropriately, to smile demurely, and to say as a little as possible. (Check out the ball scene in the movie My Fair Lady for more details.)
·        Remember that royal protocol varies greatly according to the formality of the setting. (Meeting Prince Harry at a charity reception is very different from meeting him in a nightclub!) When it comes to the younger royals, sometimes too much deference can cause embarrassment and draw unwanted attention. So when in doubt, stay calm, be as discrete as possible, and take the lead from his friends.
·        Watch your language. When in England, never say “toilet,” “couch,” or “lounge.” (These words belong in Guy Ritchie movies, not Hugh Grant films.)
·        Ignore fashion trends and stick with the classics. (Skinny jeans belong on Kate Moss not on Kate Middleton.) Instead, learn to love cashmere and tweed.
·        Buy a copy of Debrett’s A to Z of Modern Manners, and study your etiquette.Table manners can make or break your social standing, so memorize the proper way to eat peas and the correct direction to pass the port. (Editor’s Note: Debrett’s, the British authority on etiquette, publishes a full range of helpful primers. Check out more at www.debretts.com)
·        Forget soccer and football. If you want to rub shoulders with royals, fill your days with rugby and polo matches.
·        Do good. Royalty is not just about ball gowns and gemstones, palaces and pageantry. It is about looking beyond yourself in every situation, putting your duty to the nation before any personal desires, and using your position toward the greater good. So choose a charity that’s close to your heart and start volunteering!
·        Above all, have confidence and believe in yourself. If you carry yourself with the grace and dignity of a princess, you have every right to move in regal circles. http://www.amazon.com/Bright-Young-Royals-Generation-Bloods/dp/0425246876