Boxed wine reconsidered!

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If you are having a large party you may want  to consider a boxed wine. Boxed wine was not an easy sell to me. I remember it from the early days – and the headaches that came with it – if you were silly enough to drink it.

But wine packaging has evolved. No longer does a screw top necessarily signal inferior wine. And some very nice wines are now sold in air-tight boxes. Wine boxes are less expensive than bottles, easy to ship, and environmentally sound. A good selection of “easy-drinking” well-rated wines can make them perfect for a crowd at a casual gathering. After all, I often see, and have been given myself, chilled mini-champagne bottles with a straw.

Boxxle is easier and more elegant to use than gravity-feed boxes which must be placed on the edge of the counter or table.

The Boxxle is a modern three-liter wine dispenser, designed to rest on a countertop, bar, or table. A Boxxle or two can afford a hostess a more elegant look than a couple of mismatched wine boxes that clash with her artful table décor.

The higher spigot on the Boxxle makes it easier to use, and no tipping is needed to empty the wine. Boxxle automatically compresses the bag and keeps wine fresh up to six weeks.  Boxxle’s stainless steel design blends with all decors.

It is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond and online, and costs $99.