Keepsake books

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kid spent was on The New York Time’s bestseller list for more than two years. The heartwarming coming-of-age story won the heart of millions and become a new American classic.

It tells the story of Lily Owen, a young girl deserted by her mother. Lily is left to grow up in the turbulent South in the early 1960s with no mother to guide her in the care of her grief-stricken and crazed stepfather.
When her only friend and caretaker, Rosaleen — her family’s black housekeeper — is beaten and jailed for trying to vote, Lily breaks her out of her prison and they run away.
Three educated black sisters who are beekeepers take in the fugitives. The story of love, forgiveness, and belonging that follows is magical and indelible.
The beautiful-bound, boxed special 10th anniversary edition of The Secret Life of Bees will make a wonderful gift for any soulful woman on your list. It is book that will keep, read, and cherish for years.