Power of a Flower skin care

The Power of a Flower is a botanical-based anti-aging regime developed by a woman. Anne Jacobson doesn’t think good skin care should cost a fortune or be full of chemicals.
“Cellular regeneration is the key to youthful skin,” Anne says. “As we age, skin cell turnover decreases dramatically. In our 20s it takes around 3 weeks for skin cells to renew themselves, and by our mid 40s, the same cells take 40 days to renew.
“The Power of a Flower line uses essential oils and herbs chosen specifically for their ability to stimulate skin circulation, improve elasticity, tone skin, and combat wrinkle and scar formation,” she says.
I really like Anne’s products. The packaging is simple and elegant. The products feel and smell good. The Facial Kit with lip balm for $54 is a good way to try the line. It contains sizes of regeneration oil, renewing cleansing grains, refreshing toner, reviving eye butter, and restoring lip balm. My favorite is her Regenerating Oil, at just $22. This light oil contains natural botanicals to minimize pigmentation and inflammation and help restore elasticity. It is a combination of: hazelnut oil, kukui nut oil, argon oil, evening primrose, neroli, sandalwood, helichyrysum, carrot seed, fennel, frankincense, and rosemary. One note, while none of the products costs more than $30, the bottles are small at 1½ to 2 ounces. But the butters and oils are very long-lasting. Salts and scrubs come in larger sizes.
If you have very dry skin and are seeing signs of aging, try using botanical oils as part of your skin care regime. The results are almost immediate. I use several oils daily and they give me a soft glow while keeping my skin moist and dewy all day.
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