Sweet southern charmers

The Book of Peach by Penelope J. Stokes is cleverly written. It deals with the often-painful subject of aging mothers and daughters who have never gotten along, but who are, by the vicissitudes of life, forced to live together.

Peach is a Southern woman who left home and got married, but now finds she is alone. Her husbnd of many years abruptly left her. Peach has nowhere to go and little idea of what to do next. She reluctantly returns to her childhood home and her exacting and demanding mother. 
The book is set in a small southern town where Peach must find the woman she will become for the rest of her life. As she struggles for a new identity, she will also learn, perhaps for the first time, to see others as they really are – including her own mother.
The Book of Peach is a delightful look at what is often a sore subject. It is also a perfect summer read.
A Piggly Wiggly Wedding by Robert Dalby is the third book in a popular series. I never read the first two volumes, but enjoyed this humorous and whimsical story nevertheless. This time the colourful characters of the fictional Mississippi Delta town of Second Creek are intent on charming the snobby children of their beloved mayor’s fiancée. As the story unfolds and the wedding day draws near, the endearing characters deal with aging friends, illness, the failing economy, strained marriages, and a host of universal problems. The message and the magic of this book is that good friends and a sense of humour can carry you through life’s challenges. A little tome of homespun sunshine and perfect summer read.