Sensuous homemade beauty scrub

This herbal tea is full antioxidantsMake your skin smooth and soft with this east-to-make scrub. The scent of rose, lavender, and rosemary will envelop you as it gently smooths your skin. It is almost sinfully sensuous.
1 cup of sugar.
(Sugar is actually good for skin when applied topically. During the middle Ages, long before antibiotics, savvy chatelaines healed their knight’s wounds with sugar.)
1 cup of coarse sea or kosher salt
2 tbsp. mixed dried organic rose petals and lavender. You can order organic dried petals as rose tea, or even use the contents of a Numi Rose teabag. The tea is delicious and the white tea is fine in the scrub as it is full of antioxidants. Dried rose petals are full of antioxidants and Vitamin C.
2 tablespoons of fresh rosemary. Strip the leaves off the stalks and rough-chop the rosemary. Add to the rose petals and lavender and crush lightly with a wooden spoon to release the essential oils. Add to salt and sugar.
Place mixture a pretty air tight jar and mix with enough safflower oil to make a dry paste.
Add the oil slowly.
Safflower oil is high linoleic acid which helps the skin retain water and it also is odorless and non-allergenic. It will stay on your skin and leave it looking and feeling most for hours, but it doesn’t have a greasy feel. This scrub can be used on your feet and body.
The dried herbs make the scrub not only fragrant but pretty. Packed in elegant glass containers it makes a great gift, too.