American elegance

Bluestem the cookbook by Colby Garrelts and Megan Garrelts with Bonjwing Lee  is a collection of recipes by two outstanding Midwestern chefs, who optimize elegant American cooking. The husband and wife team offer their own unique take on classic dishes such as a beef tartare, giadiara with black olive caramel. They also offer soups such as a deconstructed gazpacho made by combining classic red and white gazpacho. This is a beautiful dish. The recipe for Dover sole with five lilies showcases the delicate fish with five types of onions and champagne sauce.  

Organized seasonally, this book is stunningly-illustrated with a hundred full-colour photos. Also included are the chef’s personal stories, tips, advice on wine, and recipes for sauces and garnishes that will raise preparation to a profession level.
This is one book that any dedicated home cook would be thrilled to own.